Software Engineer based out of Port Harcourt, Nigeria specializing in the design and development of backend systems.


Hello there, I am Chukwuemeka Ajah; a result-driven software engineer with a disposition for designing and implementing simple solutions to complex and hard business problems. I enjoy working with startups going from zero to one while being in a team where I can contribute to and be part of something bigger than myself. I've been building software at a professional level for + years with stints in consultancy and white label software development, property technology, accounting and financial technology integrating and implementing robust APIs for services with low latency.

Currently, I'm working with the cool guys at Involt Capital to build invoice financing products that would enable SMEs to access low-interest finance at fast rates. I'm responsible for the software architecture and design as well as backend development. I like my job a lot as it gives me a lot of flexibility to work according to my schedule as well as freedom to take high-level decisions on the product technical direction and also, I'm learning a lot in the process :).

Before now, I worked with a Swedish business process automation company (Connectivo) to build automated accounting reconciliation software. In that role, I integrated large accounting softwares with payment platforms providing a single interface for communication between and reconciliation of both payment and accounting softwares. I was responsible for the software architecture design and development using Django and PostGRESql for data persistence. The product helps businesses reduce the time spent in recording payment transactions into accounting software thereby freeing more time for productive work.
Also, I've worked with a Belgian startup to go from idea to MVP. In that role, I was responsible for building a digital renter passport for homeseekers as well as managing interns working on the product. While with Renterland, I learnt how to drive product development from start to finish as well as serve as middleman between management and developers.